Aaron Buchan

Last round of Duathlon and state series. September 2021

The last round of this Duathlon series and for state series points seen many competitors come out of the woodwork ready to bring their A-game, I knew what I needed to do getting my elbows out pushing that first run, with some real competition in my age group I did my best to hang on but couldn’t after the first 2 laps of the run, still holding reasonable pace I knew I needed to attack the bike, having a great transition I got my head down and powered on, with some rain and wet condition this suited me real good (7 years of motocross) coming into turns fast and standing up cranking the pedals out of corning soon seen me catch the peloton (wtf all these guys drafting off each other) as I passed all 5 of them I gave them a friendly reminder (probably didn’t sound too friendly from their position) about the drafting rules, coming back into second transiton and heading out for the run in the first place I knew it wasnt long before I was run down, coming over the line in 1:02 hrs gave me a 1 mins improvment from last race and a 3rd age group position for the state points.

I’m so looking forward to the triathlon series to actually race for what we train for swim/bike/ run.

big thanks to





now back to ironman training for busso in December.

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