Aaron Buchan


About the program

Welcome to this amazing 4 week raw detox nutrition program Ive been using this for the last decade with amazing results in weight loss, lowering body fat percentage and most importable giving the digestion a break and cleaning out the waste in the large intestines to get you feel revitalized and full of energy.

Now lets talk about your goals, first of all ask your self if you can visulize what you want to look like in 12 weeks, CAN YOU SEE THE PICTURE? this is what i want you to not only visulize daily but emotionalize every morning and every night, to become a reality you need to do what every it takes, watch my first 3 videos to have a clear understanding of setting your logical goals on paper.

There are 6 steps to optimal health as a foundation princeable that should be followed very tightly because if there not and your loading up your stress buckets and the results will be minimal with added stress to the body stalling your weight loss and body fat results. PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW

Because you have purchased this program i wanted to offer you the FREE WEIGHT LOSS STARTER KIT to increase your results even further, I just wanted to say that the Movement development program will be perfect in conjunction with some light walking in the morning most importantly before breakfast to maximize the fat burning process.

The body weight movement is best done in the afternoon 3-5pm just before dinner with only a 30mins window of eating to increase recovery and metabolism.

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