Aaron Buchan

The best 10kgs in 10 days program available.


This ultimate 10-day program is not a quick-fix solution.

Rather, it is an educational and motivational process to help you begin your weight loss journey. The program is built around a 40-60 minute low-intensity exercise session per day, with an intense nutrtion plan. The program will make you feel fantastic about what you see in the mirror.

Are you 100Kgs and over? then this program is specifically tailored for you


Program set up in training peaks $80
Pathway prediction series Access $97
Juice detox program access $29
Raw detox plan access $97
Strength and conditioning Books $29
Weight loss secrets solution book $29
10 days to lose 10kg $140
Total value $1000

" This is not a 10KG weight loss program for everyone, it is a program for the determined and those willing to endure. "

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