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Pathway Predictions — Goal Setting Video Series

Aaron's Pathway Predictions Systems is a bundle of step-by-step videos and podcasts that will guarantee to set you up for a neurological change in 28 days, along with getting you the best results possible in 12 weeks.

Working in the fitness industry for over 10 years and coming into triathlon coaching, multisport coaching and working with people with weight loss, strength and conditioning - it's a massive priority to make sure that you have your goals set correctly.

These techniques are the foundation principles in creating a successful pathway to achieving your goals: · LOGIC - Setting a goal is logical. Everyone can set goals on paper. · EMOTION - We need to be emotionally attached to these goals. · SUBCONSCIOUS - Connecting your goals with the subconscious mind is the big thing that people are not doing. If you are not connected to the subconscious mind, we tend to forget about it. The subconscious mind is what drives the body, it's the predictor of the future.

Eliminate any self doubts you may have and reach your goals!

Pathway Predictions Introduction to Goal Setting Systems

In the first 3 parts of the Pathway Predictions video series, you are introduced to Goal Setting Systems with some examples of setting up your own Index of Goals and setting up longer term 3 Month Goals

Pathway Predictions Visual Planning

Events, Pictures, Physical Fitness, Timelines

Pathway Predictions 
Goal Setting

Subconscious Goal Setting, Subconsciously Emotionalising Your Goals, Logically and Physically Looking at Your Goals

Pathway Predictions Breaking Through

Breaking Through, Meditations, Negative Emotions, 30-Day Milestone

Pathway Predictions #15-18

Changing Goals & Keep Motivated

Changing your Goals, Motivation Toward Your Goals, Subconscious Goals Reminders, Planting the Seed

Pathway Predictions #19-21

Series Round-up

Learning Reminders, Coming to the End, Re-Evaluation

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