Aaron Buchan

Core Conditioning Plan

This 4-week, scientifically-designed program is built upon over 12 years of testing and starts with the core conditioning foundations most people are missing. Most people are doing exercises that are way too advanced for their individual levels of capability, which actually causes more posture imbalances, leading to back/neck pain and further chronic discomforts.

Get access to the latest training programs with everything you need to get the core working again. This plan will set an amazing foundation for you to rebuild your inner core, and to start working on your abs properly.

The core conditioning plan includes a training peaks account, with all the motivational audio podcasts and training videos you need to be trained like a pro, assisting you through every exercise and movement, keeping you motivated and on track.

Also included is a start testing protocol and an end-test to prove this program is the best you will find.

Core Conditioning #1 — Level-1

Great foundation to get your inner unit functioning.

Core Conditioning #2 — Level-2

This will start to build great endurance in core.

Core Conditioning #3 — Level-3

This endurance progression will set up up for more advanced conditioning.

Core Conditioning #4 — Level-4

Now we start to build up some muscle conditioning preparing for some advanced moves.

Core Conditioning #5 — Level-5

This program is short and sharp fast and aggressive to maximize your core fast twitch fibers.

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