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10-Part Meditation Series — Releasing Negative Emotions

Identify the root causes of your negative emotions so we can release these towards positive learning outcomes - get a fantastic change in just 28 days and a greater result in 12 weeks as the series progresses.

#1: Anger
#2: Fear
#3: Sadness
#4: Hurt
#5: Guilt
#6: Conflict
#7: Hate
#8: Resentment
#9: Self Doubt
#10: Shame

Meditation Podcast Series
#1 —
Releasing Anger

The first part of the meditation podcast series is learning to release the negative emotion of ANGER.

The goal of this meditation is to find the positive learnings, you'll feel so much better and invigorated,

Meditation Podcast Series
#2 —
Releasing Fear

Identify the root causes of your negative emotions. Part two deals with releasing negative emotions around FEAR.

Generally these emotions have been built up during childhood. Learn to release these negative emotions and to move forward.

Meditation Podcast Series
#3 —
Releasing Sadness

I'm sure you've probably asked yourself the question, "What is the SADNESS that I have? Where has it come from? Why do I feel so sad?" Whether it's from an event early in your childhood or a neurological strength in your mind that you keep going down that pathway.

The mind is a very powerful tool, so breaking that pattern is going to make you more successful and help you to overcome your sadness.

Meditation Podcast Series
#4 —
Releasing Hurt

The negative emotion of HURT can come from childhood events, relationships, friendships, work places, a death in the family or of friends - a number of different factors that can play a part in hurting the emotional side of the body. The emotional pain can also begin to take over the physical aspects of the body.

This part of the series will help you release the negative emotions of hurt that might be holding you back or slowing you down from achieving your goals.

Meditation Podcast Series
#5 —
Releasing Guilt

We've all got some form of GUILT deep down, especially common for parents and in particular mothers towards their children - often selfless when it comes to training and so a lot of guilt stopping you from giving to yourself. This leads into other negative emotions such as resentment.

Learn to change the negative emotions of guilt into the positive emotions of happiness to get back to helping yourself reach your own goals.

Meditation Podcast Series
#6 —
Releasing Conflict

CONFLICT is a negative emotion that arises on a regular basis - in your work place, in your home, in public - in multiple places, conflict is going to arise. If we've had conflict from our childhood, it can result in strong negative emotions of sadness that change the way you're feeling very quickly. The goal for this meditation is to release all these negative emotions of conflict, so whenever these moments of conflict come up in life you will be able to control your emotions.

Controlling your emotions is one of the most important things you can do to succeed in achieving your goals and give you success in life.

Meditation Podcast Series
#7 —
Releasing Hate

Remove the negative emotion of HATE. Sometimes in life when emotions get too high, too hard, become uncontrollable it comes out.

Learn to release the hate you have deep down to better prepare yourself for success

Meditation Podcast Series
#8 —
Releasing Resentment

RESENTMENT is something we've all got, especially from our childhood and school years - we just weren't good enough - to our parents, our teachers, mentors, our peers, coaches etc.

This is one of the emotions that get stuck deep down and this meditation will help release it.

Meditation Podcast Series
#9 —
Releasing Self Doubt

SELF DOUBT is something we've all got deep down that we need to get rid of. Doubt stops us from doing so many things, from moving forward and pursuing things that we really want to but we have too much self doubt that we think we're going to fail and can't achieve our goals.

Meditation Podcast Series
#10 —
Releasing Shame

This is the final meditation in this podcast series that deals with releasing the deep emotion of SHAME, which often comes from our childhood as with the other emotions.

"Shame on you" makes you hang your head - we don't need to hang our head in shame, we need to stand tall and look up in life.

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