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4 week body blast program That Knocks Off 6-10 kilos In The Next 4 Weeks - Guaranteed
Lose Stubborn Weight, Build Rock Solid Confidence, And Be Proud Of The Way You Look… Once And For All

What you need to do to lose 6-10kgs in the next 4 weeks.

Weekly Coaching Calls

Stay on track and reach your weight loss goals sooner when you have a personal coach there to support you every step of the way, the weekly coaching calls are a massive way, to be honest with yourself and get the information you need.


Stop smashing yourself in the gym or feeling guilty you missed the gym, instead focus on getting your movement patterns correct first in the comfort of your own home.

Metabolic Plan

Stop stressing about what diet plan you need and start eating the correct macronutrients to suit your metabolic type, we will identify this in the onboarding form and talk closely in the first week during the fine-tuning process.


The M15 workouts will have your strength increasing in week 1 but most importantly start correcting posture and have a massive increase in core condition.


generally by week 2, you will be feeling amazing after the 2-day juice fast, cleaning out your digestion, and removing those parasites that cause sugar cravings.


You will be amazing by these recipes and cooking videos not to mention how tasty the food is, this program will have your waist line shrinking in a matter of days.


Working with Aaron was a life-changing experience. I lost 14kg in 12 weeks. I gained a wealth of knowledge about nutrition and how certain foods affect my body. Aaron is committed to keeping you on track and helping you build a skill set to reach your goals. I would highly recommend working with Aaron to achieve your goals.


I’m another person who says “I’ve tried everything” in post menopausal desperation to regain a feeling of health and move weight I had nothing to loose. I lost 9kg but most importantly regained energy and the feeling of being healthy again! I’ve now signed on to continue the journey with Aaron who epitomises what he teaches and whose support has been incredible. Life changing!

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