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Aaron and members Duathlon race 2

After the first round, I knew what I needed to do, not go so hard on the first run still push the bike and come home strong on the second run, I held back on the first run not pushing the limits too hard, sometimes watching other competitors run away from you at the start can be hard but I’m ok with that in my mind I’m thinking ill catch them on the bike, running a solid 20mins 5km was still good for me, but coming into transition my hands were so cold I couldn’t get my helmet done up and wasted about 10-20sec heading out on the bike I noticed I didn’t see as many people bunched up together due to the staggered age group starts which for me didn’t give me as much opportunity for free speed sitting behind and weaving around when passing, I got my head down and pushed its out, I didnt seem to have the punch I usally do on the bike but gave it my all, the second transition I wasted more time getting my new shoes on and had the lases way too tight but got them on and headed off for the last 2.5kms run, finished off the race with the exact time 1:03 as last race, but definatly know what i need to do for next one to perfect every thing.

Next race final round of duathlon

I’m getting very excited for the start of the triathlon season with the first race at Westlake in late October.

My Ironman training has been going very well the last 4 weeks with some heavy loads especially on the bike around 400-500kms per week, I’m very conscious of not running too much as 2 years ago is when I had multiple stress fractures in my metatarsals so only running 3-4 times a week at this stage, swimming is very strong ATM and I know ill be able to dominate the swim times come the first triathlon.


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arrived with plenty of time to get organised. As I did my warm up run, I felt that everything would be alright today. (nearly wasn’t)

I found a good position for the start of the race and hit my pace quickly.  I’m always amazed at how fast some runners are as I watched them racing back for the 2nd lap as I just started out.  My run went smoothly and I negotiated the track and other runners well. I found I could pick up the pace in the last lap without too much effort. The transition didn’t take long.  I jumped on the bike and looked down to place my feet on the shoes. I looked up, oops, a parked car directly ahead, sharp turn to miss it by a few centimetres. My heart rate spiked. Now to get the feet in my shoes –  best done after the corner. But my foot came off the shoe and it went spinning, I looked down to get it level again. Looked up, oh no, going off the road, sorry spectator, yikes a parked car. I visualised the crash I didn’t want. At the last second, I managed to jump the front wheel back onto the bitumen. Crisis averted.  Phew! The rest of the bike leg went so much better.

The second run didn’t seem to take long and I pushed it to the end, with an overall 2 min improvement on last race.

Lyn Humphries

Though the forecast said cold, Sunday morning provided nice conditions to race.  

I arrived on time, racked my bike and set up ready for Duathlon 2 at the Weir.  

After a warm-up run and dynamic stretches, I still felt heavy in the legs.  I brushed this aside – it will be what it will be. I had done the sessions, but a stressful week at work (and watching the Olympics late at night) have played a role.  

It was Start Time, so I set myself up mid-field in the women’s age-group wave. There was a short count down and we were off. I headed off at a steady pace. Making sure I didn’t blow up too soon. I could feel my heart rate was too high so modified my pace and kept good form.  I decided again, like Duathlon 1 that it was a day for no metrics – just went by feel. I kicked a little harder, passing others along the way.  

I had an okay T1. For some reason I couldn’t clip my helmet quickly, but with my shoes on my bike, as soon as things came together, I was off to the mount line. My mount was a little wonky, but once on the bike it was feet in shoes – get into position and start steady. I pedaled strong throughout, powering out of the corners as instructed by Aaron. There was a bit of congestion on this short circuit so ‘not’ drafting was tricky at times.  

I was feeling okay as I clicked through the 5 laps. I didn’t want to make the same mistake of Duathlon 1 and made sure I had enough time to get my feet out of my shoes at the last turnaround. My dismount went to plan (and T2 was good). #keepworkingontransitions  

With running shoes on, I took off at steady pace to settle the legs. Only two laps this time, so pushed home with what I had.  

I finished happy and satisfied with my effort, form and result. 1:17:32 (first in age group 1/5) 12th female overall.  

Though I had heavy legs, my body gave me what it had on the day – and no metrics was good.  

As always, thank you Aaron for the training program. Though this was slower than Duathlon 1 my body gave me what it could on the day.
I trust in the process and a swimmer can run. 🙂

Amanda Carne

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